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The guide is no longer updated due to author's time constraints.

Earth2 project aims to create a 1:1 digital copy of our planet, a metaverse and economical simulation (EcoSim), where players can cooperate to create what they desire. The company has also acquired the Drone game with its unique land builder.

Welcome to the comprehensive Earth2 Guide. Learn how to buy properties, gather resources, and build the cities of the future. Check also community concerns.

On Feb-22 2022 the draft summary of Earth2 was released.

Earth2 Terrain Engine Real-time rendering

What is

the Earth2.io game

Earth2 is a virtual copy of the real Earth. In Phase 1 the players could buy pieces of last divided into tiles of approximately 10x10m. Now, in Phase 2 you can still buy properties, that generate jewels and e-ther. You can also deploy holobuildings on your property. In later phases, players can adjust landscapes, build houses, gather and process resources, and rent their property. Groups of entrepreneurs join to build cities. Visitors will explore these creations, meet and do business in virtual reality.

Earth2 Virtual Land

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Tier 2 tiles Sold (see country stats)

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Earth2 as Investment

Is Earth an investment, crowdsourcing or a fraud?

We are not financial advisors and information on this website is not a financial advice. The information about Earth2 Project is for educational purposes.

Does all the tiles cost money?

As of today you can buy tiles, jewels and deploy holobuildings on the properties. Tiles generate jewels and essence. All the tiles cost money and you can either buy new tiles from the Earth2 or buy tiles from other players on the marketplace. Some people consider this an investment, but we think about it as crowdfunding a project which might or might not be successful.

Why should I buy the tiles?

You definitelly shouldn't buy anything you don't understand well. Before you consider buying the tiles, read through the earth2.io page, mainly about, the team, terms and conditions. Read through this guide, join the discord group and see the news site (see below).

Various people have bought Earth2 tiles hoping for a benefit in the future, when the project is successful. Be careful, because this success cannot be guaranteed. We suggest to spend only as much as you can afford to lose.

Did some people earn money investing in Earth2?

Yes. There were many users who bought properties early and picked famous locations. Later they were able to resell these with a big profit. Other users investigate properties appearing on the marketplace and resell them with profit. Be careful, at this stage, when you buy a property, you won't be able to get the money back unless someone else buys that from you. Many properties aren't sold even with a huge discount to the new tiles price.

The platform motivates users to buy sooner because the prices of the new tiles are constantly increasing. Some critics claim that because of this mechanism the players who came sooner only benefit when the new players pay the higher price.

Is Earth2 a Ponzi scheme?

While some courageous could profit from the game already, the Earth2 project is first and foremost a start-up. People buy tiles because they believe that one day the platform will be popular. It's no different from more than a dozen of its competitiors, emerging cryptocurrencies or future technologies stocks.

Community Critique

In 2021 the community had many doubts and complains about Earth2 and its progress. Learn about them from these influencers: the Bowl Combo video and My Name is Human article. Check the community satisfaction survey too. Also, check Callum Upton talks about Earth 2 founder's challenge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Earth is not a scam. Mapbox places Earth2 on their showcase page. The owners have well established profiles. See Is it a scam?.

You will get value out of your property when people can see it. Users have many theories about which places are the best. It might be those which are popular in reality like the Statue of Liberty. It may be in Earth2 Megacities. Some users believe that foot traffic in the real-world is good and buy shopping malls and railway stations. Others want to mine resources and search for mines. Read more tip on the properties page.

EPL a custom address of your property similar to URL on the internet. You can market your business easier with attractive EPLs. Property can be reached from e2.me/your_epl.

Several projects similar to Earth2 appeared. You must do your own research to determine if it is another opportunity or a scam. See what The Bowl Combo thinks about the first and how he speaks about the second. See Earth2 competition

Yes. He was working on another worldwide augmented reality project called id.xyz, it was an augmented reality enhanced social network. It was active until second half of 2021.

On each property you can build a mentar. You can pay $E5 and get it right away or wait 2 weeks and have it for free on all your properties. Every day mentars detect E-ther which can be turned into Essence. You can buy EPL for essence or use it in jewel crafting.

Eventually, you might make some money. Today, it's just a very risky investment. Whenever you buy land on Earth2 you are giving them to the developers with only limited options to get them back. Does it have potential? Yes, if it goes as the Earth2 team plans it can be one of the most popular platforms on Earth1. But today don't invest more than you can lose. Beware, that this site is not licensed financial advisor and only provide opinion about Earth2.io game. Earth2.io is not controlled by any regulator like SEC.

Until Dec-04 2021 users were buying Tier1 properties. They are more expensive but have more benefits like income tax, jewels generation, and slotting, and EPL. After this date, you can buy cheaper Tier2 properties. Read about Earth2 Tier1 and Tier2.

The game is fairly new. It was launched in November 2020. Credit card withdrawals work if your account accepts USD. To prevent various malicious activities, withdrawal requests are still manually reviewed.

In the discussion after the April 2020 Easter Egg hunt the lead developer Nathaniel revealed that team has 35 members. They are hiring more.

Yes. There are several project in the virtual and augmented reality space. Some look very similar to Earth2. Compare the quality of Earth2's competition on this page.

Every day you have a chance to find a jewel on your property. If you slot jewels you can enhance property abilities to generate resources, e-ther, or blueprints. You can also destroy and combine the jewels to make more powerful items.


Cities, Megacities and Collonies

Don't play alone, join one of the city development projects on the Earth2. Communities and guilds are at the heart of Earth2, they drive actions, create games and competitions, they build tile art. Many discord channels are great sources of information and advice. See Earth2 City and Guild Statistics

Earth2 Cities and Guilds
Earth2.io Timeline

History of Earth2 improvements

Near Future


First 8 resources appears on Earth2.

Drone Game

Drone Game features implemented to Earth2.

Earth2 Egg Hunt

Egg hunt inside Earth2.

June 2022

New Ecosim Buildings

In vlog7 the Petrol Processor and Gold Polimerizer were introduced.

Iorn Ore

You can also see Iron Ore heatmap.

May 2022

Oil and Gold

A new heatmap showing oil and gold locations introduced.

Essence Fractions

Since May-31 you get fraction of Essence. New claiming process.

Research lab

A new ecosim building introduced in the video - Research Lab.

R/GA partnership

Partnership with a digital agency and innovation consultancy R/GA. Read more

Lignator introduced

Lignator was introduced in Dev vlog #4. It uses water and wood to produce construction wood.

Countries Unlocked

Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba

April 2022

The Challenge

Shane challenges Callum to recreate Earth2 in 7 days.

1:1 WIP video

A new video showing work-in-progress on the 1:1 large-scale Earth landscape was released. Another video showing the whole planet came on Earth1 Day.

Further countries open

Additional locked countries open - Monaco, French Guiana, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, French Southern Territories, Kosovo

March 2022

Dev Vlog

The prototype of the Earth2 landscape engine showed in the Dev Vlog#1.


Water processor was introduced as the first Ecosim building.

Locked countries opened

Many locked countries opened - Saint Martin, Aruba, Curacao, US Virgin Island, Guam.

February 2022

Shane's 22-02-2022 Speech and Draft Summary

See Shane's Speech where Shane talks about the draft Earth2 Summary. Community is asked to provide feedback.

Locked countries opened

Locked countries are continuously opened. More than 400K tiles sold on Aruba.

January 2022

Tier 3 Jewels

You can deploy tier 3 jewels boosting 1 resource or 2 resources and + 3% ether to essence conversion.

2022 Egg Hunt

The egg hunt for 2022 started. In the following weeks, eggs will be hidden in Earth2 related posts. Read more

December 2021

Drone Acquisition

The Drone game has awesome arena building. The technology is not available to Earth2. See Drone Video. Shane also spoke about it on discord - read.

Big Changes - Tier2 Properties

You can no longer buy Tier1 properties, but only tier 2, which reset at $0.1. Everyone who had Tier1 plots gets extra essence boost. Read more

Earth2 to blockchain

Earth2 has revealed the partnership with Polygon Studios to bring Earth2 to the blockchain. Read more.

Shane in Enterthemetaverse conference

Shane was one of the guests at the Enterthemetaverse conference. He also gave this interview.

Nathaniel and Thomas left Earth2

The community manager and lead designer have left to the emerging play to earn game - Disruption. Read more.

Essence Reward to the community

Long-awaited news about the community reward. Every landowner will get an essence boost. Press release

November 2021

Iran and Iraq Opened

Without any warning On Nov-26 Iran and Iraq were opened. Iraq plots were limited to the users who didn't buy anything in Dubai or Israel.

Israel Opened

On Nov-04 Israel was opened after Shane's tweet.

Wolfgang Quits

Wolfgang Walk left the Earth2 team.

Jewel Crafting

Craft the 12 Tier 2 crystals, including Sunrise, Sunset and Jamaica ones which increase Essence production. Jewels renamed to crystals.

Earth2 Community Survey Results

Nameless have presented the results on the Guidebook Gaming video. The presentation is available on the discord.

October 2021

UI updates

Marketplace search and profile page filters were added. You can users' activity on the Game Activity page.

E2 Community Stream #3

Frommy addressed community questions on twitch.

September 2021


You can shorten your property identifier using EPL - Earth2 Property Locator. Similar to url your plot can be reach using e2.me/epl.

August 2021

Essence and E-Ther

If you have mentar on your plot, every day it detects E-Ther which you can turn into Essence.


You can build mentars on your properties. They are free if you visit 7 days in two weeks or you can buy them for $5 per property.

July 2021

Holo buildings

We can try to build the holo buildings in the editor. We see how much its deployment will cost.


Properties are producing 7 types of jewels. Later in the month we are able to buy and sell the jewels on the Bazaar.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Many features are only available for verified accounts. Automatic KYC was introduced.

June 2021

Jewels or Essence

A new status was released that we should expect Jewels or Essence in June or July 2021.

Promo terrain interaction video

Nathaniel have shared Earth2 Buggy video interacting with the generated terrain.

May 2021

The scam smash

A few youtubers with fair number of subscribers have done Earth 2 Scam videos - bigfryTV, KiraTV. The community showed huge support to the Earth2 on all channels. See the reactions from GuidebookGaming, My name is human.

Resources appeared in the menu

Property details have started to show resources

Huge purchaces

Earth2 Odyssey bought Kremlin and Forbidden City for $50 0000.

April 2021

3D map and price filters

3D maps appeared together with a few bug fixes and possibility to allow penny bids.

An Accident or a plan

For a short while we could have bought class 1 tiles on Reunion, Mayotte and 3 other islands.

First Class 4 Tiles

US have reached the Class 4 with over 600K tiles sold. See Washington's Federal Reserve.

Easter Egg Hunt

Latest landscape video including some initial version of buildings released. Those who spot the hidden eggs got rewarded.

Buying with cathcpa

Another obstacle for bots. Whenever you buy a property you must confirm that you're not a bot.

Joker enters the scene

Mysterious Joker started to buy famous spot. He spent E$20,000 on Machu Picchu. He sold a spot in Valhalla to HarleyQuinn.

March 2021

Dubai Release

Mixed feeling about 7 UAE Emirates release that caused server crashes. Some players managed to acquire cheap tiles in UAE, others didn't.

Deal with 5CA

6 digit customer service deal with 5CA