Is Earth2 a fraud or a scam - Shane did this before Earth2

Shane's linkedin doesn't reveal much. He was working on a project called as a managining director (web page no longer active since second half of 2021). is a blend of a social network and augmented reality. Instead of posting on a wall, you place your photos and videos into the real world. Sounds pretty call, isn't it?

I've installed the app (apple, android) to try what it can do. I took a couple of pictures, dropped them on the map, and then walked to the place to see what is there. Despite some struggles to use the app and that my GPS was jumping a bit when I arrived at the place, surprisingly, my posts were there rotating in the augmented air. is a blend of Facebook and Pokemon Go, though a little less successful. A lot less.

Shane seems to have the idea about world-wide virtual application for some time in his mind. The XYZ has some more features, but I haven't yet figured out how to use them. You can set up many options for your post - who can see it, for how long, from which distance, and many more. I can imagine that some popular spots would be overcrowded with rotating posts.

Some people are using it. It has over 4000 followers on twitter, but Shane's supporting youtube channel didn't find the right audience. didn't become viral. We can hope that Shane have learned from the experience and he will use to make Earth2 successful.