Is Earth2 a fraud or a scam

Is Earth2 a scam? Will I lose my money?

Many of you are asking? Can I trust Earth2 not to steal my money? Why should I buy worthless bits in their database? Earth2 team answer is consistent. If you don't trust the project, don't invest in it! I would add. Don't risk the money you can't lose. This is a very risky investment.

Nevertheless, it is also a great opportunity. You should be wary about your money and think about whether the Earth2 project can be successful, but you don't need to worry about its credibility.

At least 2 trustworthy sources reference the Earth2. The Developers have existing profiles and history.

I think that the most serious proof that Earth2 is a legitimite project is their listing in mapbox's showcase (read more). It's just below very popular fitness app Strava and way above KFC. On March 26 an established agency 5CA annouced their cooperation with Earth2 (archive confirms its existence years before Earth2, it has many review on employer rating portal).

Let's have a look on the Earth2 developers. They have existing profiles (linkedin). Nathaniel Doldersum and Ferran GalvaƱ have worked on the D.R.O.N.E. game (also on steampowered) which offer a great 3D land editor. The game is developed by Five Studios Interactive where Nathaniel and Ferran worked (see archive). Maybe we can expect similar in Earth2 as well. Wolfgang Walk often talk on a German gaming podcast See his curricula on the mobygames. The owner Shane Isaac is a bit a mystery. He has created the app (read more here). Clearly he's into the online maps and VR. Dillion Seo was one of the early members of Oculus VR (yes, the company bought by facebook for $2B). He was the director for Korea.

That sums up like a team capable of doing what they promise. Shane's ideals combined with Nathaniel's skill for virtual landscape and Wolfgang's knowledge of games are a good start. Dillion bring in VR insights and all together Earth2 can become a thing.

Let's see the other side

Ok. Let's also hear other opinions. Gripeo thinks it might be the ponzi scheme. He argues that Land Income Tax (the tiny portion of money you receive from other land purchases in the country) is money out of nowhere. Well, all the money in the game is out of nowhere. You're buying a record in the database that you own a tile and currently, it has only as much value as someone else is willing to pay for it. Most places won't have a buyer yet. It all depends on the game success. If it's successful, the early access player can profit more. If it's not, then we all lose our investment.

Earth2 might be one of the biggest crowdsourcing success stories
Image credit Austin Distel

The biggest crowdsourcing success

So far Earth2 developers don't have to worry. Based on the official statistics, every day some 50 thousand tiles are sold for an average price of around E$2. It means that 100K bucks go to their pocket. The only way how to cash the money out is if you sell the last. But if you sell, there must be a buyer who, guess what pours the money into Earth2 pocket. Earth2 two doesn't mind if you buy cheap or expensive tiles. They don't mind if you sell high or low. Every time they turn a database record into real money.

Earth2 is Legit

I hope I've persuaded you that Earth2 is a legitimate project. Should you invest in it, though? That's the question everyone has to answer for themselves. In order to be financially successful you need to ensure a constant flow of cash or players, ideally both. Earth two promises things which can attract crowds:

  • Virtual land editor which can be handled by anybody
  • Money bait that your creation can make you some cash
  • It won't be so easy, in order to achieve it, you will have to trade and gather resources
  • There are plenty of income stream for the Earth2 - land, resources, art, advertisement.

If we sum up, it combines dreams of every child, every game player. You can build your own kingdom. You receive easy to handle tool to do that and a promise of financial gain if you are good. You need to plan a strategy that motivates you because it means that not everyone will achieve what you can.

Now it's up to you. Do you believe Earth2 can achieve this? Yes. Then buy some land. To know where, read our Earth2 Property Guide. Beware that it's a very risky project and don't invest more than you can lose.