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Rome was not built in a day. It was not built by a loner. The communities are the energy which moves the Earth2. Groups of enthusiasts are joining all around the Earth2 to develop the megacities of the future. Some projects just appear and grow, others start with a plan in mind. Many are formed around an idea. Explore the guilds and cities in the universe and choose the one for you. See Earth2 City statistics

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Real cities like London, New York, or Dubai have attracted many investors. They plan to use their properties for different purposes. In remote locations, people have met to join the same course and created megacities of the virtual future. Many projects have emerged around the globe. Some build infrastructure in advance others has grown spontaneously. There are also various districts in these cities focusing on specific goals - resources, ether, lion, E2club.

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Earth2 Megacity Wakanda with Lion Disctrict