Earth2 is not alone

What are other projects similar to Earth2

People love to build virtual lands and the concept of a meta verse is not new. Several other projects build some kind of virtual universe. Let's review them to see how big is the competition for Earth 2. You can take your avatar to explore Decentraland. Vpark and AfterEarth look very similar to Earth2. You can spend Ethereum to buy Superworld plots.

Big players also invest into Virtual and Augmented Reality. Epic Games have funded $1B to build their new Unreal Universe. Facebook Horizon invites early adoprters to their beta.

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Earth2 and its competitors

Last update on 2022-06-22.

Afterearth740 178 4635 2360 -
Alien Worlds23510 -118997 12600 -
Axie Infinity733806 399283 950393 --
Battle Saga26914 2855 ---
Bloktopia--362977 -12400
Cryptovoxels10403 -81951 --
Decentraland168265 -631006 120000 10200
Dual Universe19828 48341 14464 13100 40800
Earth224435 60725 18950 46700 22500
Entropia-23241 1424 938 -
EtherLand-- 4138 64 -
Facebook Horizon-1900201 61 --
HighStreet24151 - 94482 -5380
MetaVPad--162315 --
My Neighbor Alice--179588 -7840
Next Earth72518 17023 58075 -5740
No Man’s Sky-284214 352165 19000 87900
Ovr.ai5212 - 49531 - 2170
Really34500 -108997 - -
Sandbox305297 747437 1009641 185000 137000
Sin City Metaverse--78192 -1620
Somnium Space37562 - 37841 6969 4090
Star Atlas192554 6654 315056 21100 30300
Superworld-2685 12092 6207 -
TCG World10808 44451 21635 --
Terra Virtua7316 - 102384 - 2210
Treeverse15840 -75645 --
Vault Hill9072 -36705 --
Veve112741 22328 238368 125000 -
Vicroria VR18930 10921 88866 19100 -
Vpark-1102 74 798 -
VulcanVerse18652 -114577 --
Wilder World30267 -118391 182000 -

Walk through the


Decentraland metaverse is probably the most developed. You can walk the virtual land and explore what the players have built on their 16x16m land. If that space is too small, you can connect adjacent tiles into so-called estates.

Each tile is an NFT based on Ethereum smart contract. You can buy land using MANA cryptocurrency. They are quite expensive especially since the MANA price soared in March 2021. Decentraland offer 90K tiles.

Imaginary landscape in Decentraland

How to build

your Decentraland scene

Decentraland builder allow anyone to create a scene. You don't need any artistic or programming skills. Use the builder and drag and drop the object scale and rotate them. Then place them in the right position.

You can import objects created by others and give life to your scene with interactive items. Watch on ,

Build your tile in Decentraland

Is Decentraland Popular

The work on Decentraland has begun in 2015 and since then it has some popularity. We have tried to play and never really met anyone outside of the Genesis Plaza where everyone starts. Also, the world is quite empty, and the graphic is far from photorealistic.

To conclude, Decentraland developed a few interesting ideas

Play football in Decentraland

Become Virtual with


Vpark appeared in Sept 2020 offering 360° background for your online calls. Later, additional features were added, like a purchase of a virtual land similar way like on the Earth2.

Enticing videos show how you link the interactive services with your virtual land, but currently, you can only place a few 3D objects in front of a few backgrounds. When buying land you can use a cool deselect button which would be helpful with tile art, but overall the buying process is cumbersome. During each purchase, several pop-ups appear and you are requested to link vpark and vpark land accounts which we haven't managed to do yet. Minimal deposit is $3.

Buy land on Vpark and link to asset