Ecosim aka

Earth2 Economical Simulation

On Earth2 you cannot create from the thin air. To construct a building you need wood, iron, and other resources. You can find some resources on each property and you need to process them to get valuable assets for your constructions.

Lignator building processing water and lumber.

Building Catalogue

You will be able to build and customize many buildings on Earth2. So far we know of Water Processor, Lignator, Research Lab, Petrol Processor, and Gold Polymerizer.

Produce Construction Wood in

Water Processor

Water processor was introduced as the first Earth2 building in dev vlog #4. It is constructed on a single tile. It refines freshwater into industrial water.

You can customize the colors, materials, and shine of the building. You can choose from various style variations - modern, sci-fi, mythical, Asian, cyberpunk, brutalist.

Water Processor

Produce Construction Wood in


Lignator was first introduced in dev vlog #4. In the basic form it occupies 2 adjacent tiles.

First, you have to research the Lignator blueprint in the research lab. Then you place it on the property as a holobuilding. After that, you can command construction droids to use resources to finish the construction.

Once supplied with wood and freshwater it can produce construction wood building blocks. You can customize your Lignator.

Red Lignator

Building Blocks in

Research Lab

The lab is the key building to research any building in the tech tree. It covers 1 tile.

It was first introduced in the dev blog no. 5.

Research Lab Ecosim Building

Process Oil in

Petrol Processor

To build the petrol processer you must upgrade the research lab to layer 2 on the same property and have the blueprint researched. You must also have the lignator, the petrifier, and the water processor on some of your properties.

You need construction wood, concrete, steel, industrial water, and oil. It produces lacquers, coating, and paint, including self-luminance paint by using wood, limestone, industrial water, and refined oil.

See more in vlog 7

Petrol Processor Ecosim Building

Process Gold in

Gold Polymerizer

After you research the blueprint, to build the gold polymerizer you must upgrade the research lab to layer 2 on the same property. You must also have the water processor on at least one property.

You need construction wood, concrete, steel, industrial water, and gold. It produces gold bars using industrial water and gold.

See more in vlog 7

Gold polymerize Ecosim Building