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Generating Essence through Mentars and E-Ther

Essence is the key resource on Earth2 and it will become an ERC-20 token with the total supply of 5,000,000,000.

When you build mentars on your properties, every day you can claim E-Ther video guide. Since May-31 2022 you get fraction of essence.

How much E-ther can I get and how much Essence can I convert from it? It depends on the Land Tier you have, property size, and luck.

Read more in Earth2 Draftpaper.

Claim Essence from your properties

Use Essence

As of today, you can spend Essence to purchase EPLs property addresses or to increase jewel boosts. We expect it will be critical in resource mining, blueprint development, and building deployment.


How to build

You have two options. Either you pay $E5 on each property and get the mentar right away or you visit your profile 7 times in two weeks. On the 14th day all your properties get mentar for free. All new purchases will come with mentar rigth away.

If you don't have a specific Essence use case, wait 2 weeks and get mentars for free. If you want to buy mentar do it on your biggest properties because E-ther generation relates to the size.

Build mentars on all properties for free


Frequently Asked Questions

You have to claim and convert the E-ther within two days. Unclaimed E-ther evaporates and can never be turned into Essence.

So far you must generate the Essence. You cannot buy it.

If you visit your profile 7 times in 2 weeks you get mentars on each property for free. You can pay $E5 to get mentar on a single property. So for we don't see any purpose in doing it, because one property won't generate much Essence.

Yes, using Tier 2 Jamaica, Sunrise, or Sunset jewels or some Tier3 jewels you can improve E-ther to Essence conversion ratio. Rare brilliant jewels boost ether to essence conversion by 4%. read more

You can buy EPLs (first 2 for 100 later for 400) or you can use Essence to boost your jewels in the crafting tab.

Yes, when you toggle EcoSim buildings, you can see rotating 3d mentars on the map. This way you can recognize active users.

to boost Essence production

Slot Jewels

Slot Jamaica, Sunrise, or Sunset Jewel to increase Ether to Essence conversion ratio by 2%. Slot some tier3 jewels to increase it by 3%.

E2economics did great research on the essence and jewel boost effect. Learn how slotting tier 3 jewel increase ether to essence ratio by 3%.

Did you know that brilliant jewels improve this ratio by 4%?

Some jewels increase essence production