How to

Gather and Craft Jewels

Every day you have a chance to find a jewel on your property. Each property has a slot and if you place a jewel, there it boosts properties' ability to gather resources, devise blueprints, collect E-ther, and convert it to Essence.

Prime jewels appear on the Tier 1 levels and you can craft Tier 2, and Tier 3 prime and special jewels out of them. You can also purify the jewel using Essence to make it stronger.

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Claim Jewels from your properties

Use Crystals

There are 8 prime Tier 1 jewels. You can craft their tier2, and tier3 versions. You can combine them to another 33 special jewels. You can slot crystals to properties or sold in the resource bazaar.

What are


You can find 8 types of crystals: blue increasing water production, black improving oil generation, anthracite boosting coal, green for wood, ochre for iron ore, grey for limestone, sandy for sand, and yellow for gold. You don't know which properties are going to yield a gem on a given day, but the ratio seems to be 1 crystal per ~200 T1 tiles a day. To claim the jewels you must go to the resources menu at least once in 7 days. After a week unclaimed crystals are lost.

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Basic Types of Earth2 Crystals


Frequently Asked Questions

Jewels are automatically gathered from all the properties for 7 days. After that, unclaimed crystals disappear.

When you slot any crystal, you increase the chance to detect E-ther by 4%. If slots all spots, you detect 100% of E-ther. Some Tier2 jewels like Sunrise jewel additionally increase E-ther detection. Most Tier3 crystals improve the Ether to Essence conversion ratio by 3%.

Jewels are grouped by color and variant in the Inventory menu. When you move desired crystal to the crafting menu a 'Spread Over' pop-up appears. Split the jewels into 3 slots by writing a number 3.

There are 15 slots, but most of them are locked. The bigger the property, the more slots are open. Tier2 tiles always have 3 slots. Small T1 0-10 tiles have 5 slots and 750 tiles have 12.

Each type comes in 6 variants - cracked, cloudy, common, clear, luminous, and brilliant. Purer variants provide more boost and you get more shards when destroyed. You can improve the quality of crystals using shards and essence.

Yes. Even when you input 50 jewels to the crafting slots, only one crystal is created unless you use the bulk option.

to boost property production

Slot Crystals

Each property has at least three crystal slots. If you drag and drop a crystal to a property, its production ratio is increased. Tier2 properties have 3 slots. Small T1 properties (0-10 tiles) have 5 slots. The 750 tiles have 12 slots, but there are still extra 3 slots which are closed as of today.

If you slot two or more jewels of the same kind, their effect diminishes. It's marked by one or more downward arrows.

Slot different jewels to increase production

the magic of

Crystal Crafting

Initial Tier1 crystals doesn't offer big boost. Break them down to create shards or combine them and form higher-level gems. Before you can craft your first jewel, you need to discover the secret combination. Whenever you pick the wrong combination, the jewels break into shards. Once you know the combination you can input low-level jewels and craft stronger tier2 gems.

Do you wonder what are the combinations? Read the paragraph below. You risk missing some fun, but you save a ton of precious crystals.

Combine Jewels and craft higher tier

Jewel Recipes

What are the right jewels combinations?

You receive Tier1 jewels daily. To craft higher-level gems you need to their right mix.

How is the crafting tab working?

Go to the resources page and click on the crafting tab. On the left you see the Inventory - all the jewels you own. There's a single icon for each color and variant. To craft click once on a jewel in the Inventory and then click on the free spot on the right side. Earth2 also remembers right and wrong combination you tried.

Do you really want to know?

You can try and combine jewels on your own. Every time you guess it wrong, the jewels break into shards. Or check the second tab here to see the combinations.

We know 12 Tier 2 jewels. Combine 3 Tier 1 jewels of the same color to create a Tier 2 version. For example, common ochre (red) jewel boosts iron production by 2.5% on the first level. Common Tier 2 boosts by 5% and it requires 3 level one stones.

Special Jewels

Besides combining 3 T1 gems, you can mix tier 2 stones to get special jewels. To craft Orange mix grey and sandy T2 stones. Oranges decrease building time. Purple speeds up blueprint research. To create one mix ochre and blue jewels.

Jamaica is a mix of T2 black, green and yellow (like Jamaica flag) and it increases oil and wood production. Sunrise comes from T2 red, blue, and grey. It boosts water and iron. Sunset is formed by T2 orange, purple and sandy. Sunset enhances sand and limestone production. These 3 also improve Ether-to-Essence conversion.

Combining 3 Tier2 Prime jewels result in Tier3 Prime jewel. Prime jewels are based on one of the 8 basic resource types and on third tier they boost the resource generation by approx. 7.5%. If you combine two Tier3 prime crystals you get Tier3 Special gem.

T3 Special Jewels

Every combination of two different Tier3 Prime jewels creates a new crystal (28 combinations). Such crystal improves the production of both resources and adds 3% to the Ether-to-Essence conversion ratio.

For example, sand T3 with Anthracite T3 forms Andalusite jewels that enhance coal and sand production and enhance E-ther transformation by 3%.

Some Tier2 and all special Tier 3 gems improve Ether to Essence conversion ratio. Based on e2economist research T1 and T2 has ether/essence ratio below 10%. Slotting jewels means more essence.

% boost

Jamaica, Sunrise, and Sunset improve the conversion by 2%. Andalusite, Amber, Aquamarine, Azurite, Bloodstone, Catseye, Chrysocolla, Emerald, Garnet, Jade, Malachite, Obsidian, Opal, Prehnite, Peridot, Pyrite, Ruby, Serpentine, Slate, Sodalite, Spinel, Sunstone, Tigereye, Topaz, Turquoise, Titanite, Tanzanite, and Zircon gives +3% conversion boost.

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How to craft Earth2 jewels


Tier 2 Jewels

Combine 3 T1 jewels of the same color to form a Prime T2 jewel. T1 improve resource gathering by approx 2.5% and T2 by 5%.

Besides prime crystals you can craft Orange (T2 grey + T2 sand) and Purple (T2 red + T2 blue) that speed up building and development.

Finally combining 3 tier 2 jewels result in Jamaica (green, black, yellow), Sunrise (blue, red, grey) and Sunset (orange, purple, sand) jewels. They boost 2 resources and increase Ether to Essence conversion.

Tier2 jewels crafting

Sell and buy crystals at

the Bazaar

Do you have more jewels than you need? Sell the extra ones. Do you miss jewels, buy them. Go to the Earth2 resource bazaar. To sell the jewel, drag and drop it to the selling tab or hover over it and hit the 'selling' tooltip. To buy, go to the Bazaar, choose the jewel, and click on 'Buy now'.

We have good experience selling at the lowest price on the bazaar. Remember that you must verify your account before you get access to the bazaar.

Earth2 Bazaar to trade jewels

How strong are the

Six Variants

Each crystal appears in 6 variants - Cracked, Cloudy, Common, Clear, Luminous, and Brilliant. The higher purer the variant the more boost you get. The differences are not so big. Luminous Tier 1 Black increases by 0.58%, common by 0.5%, and cracked one by 0.42%. These percentages vary slightly piece by piece. To turn cracked black to luminous cost 32 shards and essence.

When you break Tier1 cracked black stone, you get 14 shards and luminous split to 24 shards. You can recognize the variant by the icon in the crafting Inventory menu or by the name in the pop-up tooltip.

When upgrading to Luminous you can get lucky and receive a Brilliant crystal.

Cracked, Cloudy, Common, Clear, Luminous jewels

How to occupy

3 crafting slots

Most tier two and tier three crystals need 3 same lower tier jewels. How do we achieve it? Don't worry, it's quite simple. Put there just one jewel and a small 'Spread Over' menu appears. Write '3' and the crystals split into 3 slots. Careful not to write more than the number of open spots. I don't have proof, but it looks like the jewels can disappear that way.

Occupy 3 crafting slots

Easy way to

Set up crystal recipes

When you craft one jewel and don't use all your crystals, they remain in the crafting slots and you have to remove them one by one. Actually, you don't need to. When you click on the combination button, you see all the recipes. When you click on a recipe, it automatically fills in the needed jewels. You can click on 'Tier 1 Crystal' for example and the crafting slots get emptied.

Did you know that when you craft usually a few shard remains and goes to your bank. You can use these to create new jewels out of the thin air. No essence needed, just 24 shards.

Using crafting recipes


more then one crystal

You input all the crystals of the same color and variety to crafting. When you hit 'Craft' only one jewel is created and the number of your inputs decreases by 1. You can however create more than 1 jewel using the bulk option. Click the 'Allow bulk crafting' checkbox and pick the number of jewels you want to create. Then hit the 'Craft all' and the number in the brackets show how many jewels you will create.

Bulk create jewels