How to

Buy Earth2 Properties on the Marketplace

You don't have to buy just new tiles. Check the offers on the Earth2 marketplace. You can find deals to buy properties in locations that were sold out or great discounts if you are lucky.

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Earth2 Marketplace Antarctica Class 1

Options for

Buying on the marketplace

Access the marketplace through icon in the top menu. Properties that their users have marked for sale are listed in the table. You can filter countries and property classes. So far you cannot list all the countries together. Sorting options are:
  • Tile Value Low: from the cheapest price per tile no matter the property size
  • Highest Net Worth: from highest cost
  • Most Tiles: from biggest properties
  • Property Value Low: from lowest total property price, so small properties appear at the beginning

Best deals

On the marketplace

What to buy on the marketplace? Search for the tiles below the new land value. They are highlighted in green in the % vs New Land Value. You can find class 1 properties as well as deals more than 50% below the new land price. Countries with new land prices under E$2 usually have lower discounts than more expensive countries. When you find a property you like, view it, or buy right away by hitting the Buy button.



Frequently Asked Questions

No. On the marketplace, you have to pay the full price.

No, you can advertise whatever price you want. Careful, that if too low, someone can just buy it, there's no warning.

For a buyer no. The seller through receives 5% less, which is displayed in the improvement fee of the property

No, you have to choose the payment method, before it is bought.

How to

Sell on the marketplace

Selling on the marketplace is easy too. Open your profile and locate the property you want to sell. Click on the Edit button and choose the price. You can update the price per tile or total price. A warning message appears, that you are going to offer the property and it might take a few minutes. Info button notifies that the game will charge 5% of the price and lower your profit. Once confirmed the property appears on the marketplace.

Be careful, because once listed, you cannot change the property for 10 minutes. Make sure the price is correct.


No buyers?

Cancel the offer and withdraw from the marketplace

If anyone sees an offer on the marketplace and hit Buy, the property is immediately sold. If you decide to withdraw the property from the marketplace, locate it again click on Edit and Withdraw in the property pop-up.

Property for sale on marketplace


A property you like

When wandering around properties you might find one you like. Look at its details. If the Buy Now button is active, you can click on it and buy it right away. If the price is too high or the property is not for sale, you can bid the player with your offer. Remember that the money you bid are tight to the sale until the bid is accepted or cancelled.

Earth2 Buy Now or Bid

Help me

find the best property

Earth2 Marketplace is not the most ideal place to search for the best deals. Luckily the active community members have prepared tools to help you shop the properties. map display all the properties for sale on the scalable map. You can go to your favorite city and explore the available offers. Their marketplace provides many filters to narrow down the right place to buy. You can even search the property description. If you want to become a citizen of Earth2 Megacity try Earth2Biomes' leaderboard showing sales in each city. My name is human discuss various trading strategies in their guide.

Earth2stats property for sale map