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Buy Earth2 Properties and Land

As of today, you can buy properties new Tier2 properties. Marketpalce where you can buy more lucrative Tier1 plots is closed until Dec-14. The properties generate jewel and essence. In later phases, you will be able to create a 3D landscape and build your own business on the virtual land you own. You can acquire tiles that are not yet owned by anybody or buy existing properties from their owner. Since Sept. 2021 you have an option to assign an unique EPL address to your property. Beware that so far you cannot split or join properties once bought.

Buy Earth2 Land tiles to build your business

Buying Earth 2 Tiles

You have three options how to gain cells on the Earth2 map. Remember that you only see property grid if you're zoomed enough. There is a zoom to tiles icon on the map.

Properties generate

Jewels and Essence

Currently in Phase II, when you become an owner of the property, it will generate jewels and essence. Every day you can check new jewels in the resource menu while essence appears in the profile menu. The estimate is that you receive a jewel for every 200-600 tiles (depending on size or class). You receive randomly one of the seven jewels. These valuables increase essence generation and in the future will help resource generation.

Once you have a mentar on the property, it generates e-ther. Ether can be converted to essence. Roughly 100 tiles generate 1 e-ther and it randomly converts to the essence or not. Mentars can be built in two ways. Either you pay E$5 per property or if you want to get them for free, visit your profile for 7 days and wait another 7 days and all your properties will get mentars.

Virtual Reality Lenses

Always apply the

referral code

When you enter and apply anyone's referral code 7.5% of the money will be returned to you. The other player gets 7.5% as well. You can use our code guide, referral code of your city, or change the codes to support your sibling, favorite YouTuber, or some Earth2's non-profit organization, it doesn't matter. Just use the code to get 7.5% back. The code you used last time is prefilled, but hit apply to get the bonus.

Apply referal code when buying Earth2 property


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In all countries, the price for a new tile is the same. US West coast costs the same as the East coast. The only exception is the United Arab Emirates released in March-2021 where every of the 7 Emirates has own price.

Yes. You can either buy two separate properties or you can create a single property formed from distant sections. There is some limit and the tiles must lie within a certain distance.

EPLs were introduced in Sept. 2021. It is the the unique address of your property similar to the web page's URL. Anyone can access your property using

The price depends on two factors. The location and the new tile price in the country. Famous landmarks and places where you cannot buy new tile sells for a good price. For regular tiles count that you will need to go 50-70% below the new tile price to be able to sell. Check the marketplace how the prices in the country evolve.

Yes. You can buy from 1 to 750 tiles. The price per tile is the same no matter how much you buy.

Yes. The price of the new tiles always goes up. The more properties the players buy, the higher the price of the new purchases. You can buy cheaper from other players if they are willing to sell. After Dec-04 2021 you can no longer buy new Tier1 properties and the price for Tier2 reset at $0.1 in all countries.

It was reported that players have accidentaly accepted very low bids which motivated thiefs for cheap bidding. To prevent it lowest allowed bid must be at least 30% of the last purchase, unless you enable "ALLOW BIDS BELOW 30% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE:" in your settings.

Tile Classes

What were 1-5 and base classes and why should I buy them?

Land tiles on Earth2 are Tier 1 & 2.

Until Dec-04 2021 all tiles were Tier1 split to class 1-5.

The First 100 000 tiles sold in each country are Class 1. The next 200K (up to 300K) are class two. Following 300K (up to 600K) are class 3. And class 5 starting at a million.

Benefit of having class 1

Class one tiles are the first one bought in the country, which mean they are the cheapest, starting at E$0.1. It's also speculated that advertisement in class 1 will result in higher profit. The only country where you can buy new class 1 is Nauru. Many players sell class 1 tiles on the marketplace.

Why should I buy Class 2 or higher? They are expensive.

Firstly, you have no choice. If you want to buy new land, there's no more Class 1 left. You can wait for a new country release, but last time it took seconds to sell all the Class 1 tiles. If you want class one tiles, rather look on the marketplace.

Tier2 tiles were introduced in Dec-2021. The price started at $0.1 again and the price increase is not so steep. This way, the new players can afford to enter Earth2 at a reasonable price.

Why should I buy Tier2?

They are cheap. Do you want to get creative with the Earth2 virtual land engine? You need land. Because the regular classes are expensive, you can purchase the base class. It won't yield any resources, but you can construct there. This way new players will be encouraged to join the game, they buy cheap properties, learn the game and maybe buy some expensive regular class tiles later.

Everytime someone buys a property in a country, the price for the country goes a little bit up. It starts slow, but later the increase gets significant.

Which countries are cheap

In the beginning, the players were buying tiles in popular places in the US, Germany, UK, Italy, or Korea. Many other countries were off the radar and that is why the developers of the megacities have picked them and bought land for their projects. Watch the Earth2 statistics to see where you can still buy the cheap new land. Link to statistics on the main page.

How do I know the class of the property

Before it's bough you can't see the class. You can however guess it (remember 0-100K is class 1, 100K-300K class 2 ...) and many sites offering Earth2 statistics suggest which class is currently sold in the country. When you open the details of existing properties, class is one piece of information you see.

Class 1 land tile in Earth 2 on Nauru

How to profit on

Land Income Tax (LIT)

When you own land in a country, you are eligible for an income tax. Earth2 shares part of the profit from sales of the tiles in this country with you. Every player who owns properties in the country receives a tiny portion of the new sales in that country.

Class 1 receives a higher portion than classes 2 and 3. It's suspected that class 4 doesn't receive any LIT.

When owing land in a country you are eligible for land income tax

Where should I buy on Earth2?

Which land has the highest potential?

Buy land that will become popular

Land in the megacities will be valuable

Earth1 Landmarks

People might wonder how places like The Statue of Liberty look on Earth2 and visit you there. But it's rumored that the map will be wiped and only landscape will remain.


The great potential has megacities. Pick a community that is active and check their city. These developers will ensure their land prosper and bring in visitors.


Resources will play a key role in the game. But where to find them is yet unclear. Some hints suggest that mines on physical Earth should produce resources on Earth2 as well.

Buy on the marketplace

As the price of land increases you can find interesting deals on the marketplaces. When you decide what land you'd like to get, check the marketplace not to miss a great deal.

High foot traffic areas

Earth2 plans an augmented reality layer. People will wonder what is in the metaverse at the location they are. Places with a higher concentration of people like stations, parks, or stadiums have higher chances that someone spots your Earth2 creation.

Projects and games

There are many fancy projects emerging on Earth2. Race circuits, game districts, 1 tile islands. Buy some tiles around these areas which hopefully become lucrative.

Property Bidding

Show your interest in someone's property

How to bid and accept biddings

Did you find a plot you like. In it's details click on Bid button and make an offer to the owner.

All active bid binds your money

You must have enough credit to cover the whole bid. This capital is blocked until the bid is accepted or declined and you cannot use it to buy other properties.

Always cancel old bids

You can easily forget about the old bids. When you miss money for a new purchase, check your transactions for 'Bid made' or your notification queue. Go to the property and cancel the bid. Money are released immediately.

Do you own an attractive land? Sooner or later someone will place a bid on it. You will receive a notification and it's time to think about it and react.

You can accept, decline or make counter offer

Is the offer attractive. Accept it. Your property will be sold and you get the money. If you think it's reasonable, but you might gain a bit more, place a counter offer. Maybe it will be accepted. You can let the other party wait and don't do anything, but if you are sure you don't won't to sell, decline the bid.

You must bid at least 30% of the last property trade. A warning will appear if it's less and you won't be able to bid.

Do you want it cheaper

If you agree with the counterpart, you can do multiple exchanges, each time going to 30% of the previous trade. Make sure you know the seller not to lose your money.


Every trade on the property increase the value of its improvements fee. It's the tax Earth2 takes from your trade profit, but we expect it will have a role in the future.

Accept, Decline or Counter Offer the bid on your property in Earth2


Frequently Asked Questions 2

Yes. There is only 100 thousand class 1 tiles in each country. In most countries, they are sold. Watch the release of the new country to have a chance to get class 1 tiles.

So far, if you take part in a trade, Earth take 5% fee which is reflected in the improvement fee of your plot. We don't know yet what role will it play in the game.

The resources were not yet introduced so we can't be sure. One of the notes in the Earth2 FAQ - I bought a mine suggest that Earth1 mine location will produce the resources even in Earth2.

You can always make a counteroffer. If accepted by the other party, the property is immediately sold.

Yes, you can, but you lose 7.5% discount. When you use a referral code, 7.5% of the purchase will be returned to you. Use the code: guide - to support this site.

When you bid the money is reserved in case, the bid is accepted. If you want to use that cash you need to cancel the bid first.
Earth2 property Improvement Fee

What is the

Improvement fee

When you sell for a higher price, Earth2 takes a 5% fee, which gets marked as the property's improvement fee. We don't know yet if it will have any role in the game, but people speculate you can invest in your property and increase the number of resources it creates.

Shall I buy

Big or Small Property

This image from Shane's tweet suggest how the game experience will look like. If you buy 1 tile you can build a thing. Purchasing bigger land will give you more options. There were suggestions that you can let others build on your property and increase its value. That will for sure happen in the cities, where synergy with others creates miracles. If you can't affort a vast plot, join one of the 1Tile nation and ╬×┬▓Islands projects and you can enjoy the community with a little investment. Want to know more about property sizes? Watch this awesome Earth2 Odyssey video explaning the tile sizes and shapes.

Zoom in to the Earth2

Future brings

Virtual and Augmented Realities

Everybody looks forward when Virtual and Augmented reality will enter Earth2. Both will attract different investors. VR can be accessed from anywhere through location address and portals. But AR will be cool for advertising on the spots with high traffic like railway stations, shopping malls, squares and parks.

Jens Kreuter

Virtual Reality Lenses

Does the landscape matter

Flatland or hills

Nathaniel talked on the discord that small terrain changes will be possible. The real Earth terrain will define the appearance of your plot. You should think about whether you plan a terraced hotel overlooking a valley or want a skyscraper on the flat ground. In this videoEarth2 Meta discuss pros and cons of the hilly and levelled plots.

Impact of the terrain in Earth2
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