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Earth2 resources, mining, and trade

On May-25 2021 the first 8 resources appeared on the property menu - freshwater, sand, limestone, iron ore, wood, coal, oil, and gold. No resource is produced yet, you can see oil and gold on the heatmap.

You don't need a mine to gather resources. It's described in the draft paper. Resources are replicated from the soil of your property using Essence. Raw Materials are needed to construct Ecosim building, create building blocks, for research, upgrades, and maintenance.

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Buy a mine to get resources

8 Resources

So far we know 8 resources - freshwater, sand, limestone, iron ore, wood, coal, oil and gold.

Resources produced

On property

In dev vlog #4 we have learned that each property will produce at least one resource. Ecosim building can turn these resources into building blocks or processed material.

Lignators produces contruction wood.

Build mentars and collect E-Ther and Essence

Properties are generating


If you own a property, build a mentar on it. They cost $E5 or you can construct them for free if you visit your account 7 times in two weeks. Once the mentar is there it detect E-Ther. Visit your profile at least once in 2 days to collect the E-Ther and turn it into Essence.

Spend Essence to buy EPLs, gataher resources, or (property shorthand addresses) or craft stronger jewels.

What are the


Inside Mentars are Weavers. They can produce a certain amount of resources (measured in storage units) depending on their tier. Each resource has a likelihood to be found - called Occurrence.

You need to slot a jewel that primes the resource you want to produce. Once you research Weaver's higher tier, you can produce more advanced raw materials. The occurrence always sums up to 100%

Mentar on Earth2 property

Properties are generating


Since July 2021 your properties are generating 7 types of tier 1 Jewels. Everyday in the Resources menu, you can collect new jewels. They remain there for seven day, then they disappear.

Each jewel will boost the generation of resources. In the second half of July a bazaar was opened for the verified accounts (KYC). You can sell the jewels at the Bazaar. Prices vary from around E$0.4 up to E$2 for the yellow jewel. Monitor the prices with My name is human. Remember that each price is increased by a sale fee.

In November crafting was released. Combine tier 1 jewels to stronger level 2 gems. Learn how on the jewel crafting guide.

Collection of Earth2 Jewels of the 7 types

Sell and buy jewels at

the Bazaar

Do you have more jewels than you need? Sell the extra ones. Do you miss jewels, buy them. Go to the Earth2 resource bazaar. To sell the jewel, drag and drop it to the selling tab or hover over it and hit the 'selling' tooltip. To buy, go to the Bazaar, choose the jewel, and click on 'Buy now'.

We have good experience selling at the lowest price on the bazaar. Remember that you must verify your account before you get access to the bazaar.

Earth2 Bazaar to trade jewels